The Lone Ranger is traveling in style thanks to a local horse. In the new film starring Johnny Depp as Tonto and Armie Hammer as the Lone Ranger, the masked man gets around on a horse from Welland, Ont.

Playing the part of Silver in the new film is Cloud 10, an all-white thoroughbred from Blazing Colours farm in Welland- one of two purchased from the farm for the film.

About two years ago "there was a guy that called and was asking about one of the horses that we had for sale," said April Wayenberg, owner of Blazing Colours. "He started asking a few more questions. He went in to if their manes were long and if they had heard gunfire before."

Soon after, the two horses were bound for Hollywood. Wayenberg says she, and about 20 friends, will fill the local movie theatre when the film opens Wednesday.

Cloud-10's celebrity has started to extend beyond the silver screen — the horse that plays silver is also set to appear in the Calgary Stampede's parade on July 5.

The film a remake of the story of a masked ex-Texas Ranger who fights injustice with his friend Tonto in the American old west. A popular television version of the show ran from 1949 to 1957.

Critics say Depp's Tonto similar to Pirates of the Caribbean role

CBC film critic Eli Glasner called the film a "mess of a minstrel show."

The overall look chosen for Depp was directly inspired by artist Kirby Sattler's paintings. When the look was first revealed to be a near-exact real-life replica of his work I Am Crow, Sattler claimed that the work is not historically accurate nor was it intended to be. Sattler said that the subject was meant to be a mythical figure from a fictional tribe.

Depp has said that he has native blood in his family tree, and last year the president of the nonprofit group Americans for Indian Opportunity adopted the actor into her family and tribe as a gesture of goodwill

Also, film critics have remarked on similarities to the Depp's swashbuckling role as Captain Jack Sparrow in The Pirates of the Caribbean, from the choice of costuming, Depp's trademark quirky mannerisms and his odd deadpan delivery.