Hulk meet Hulk

Lou Ferrigno, the original Hulk from the 1970s TV series, will be sworn in as an honorary Hamilton police constable in October. (Pierre Landry)

Lou Ferrigno – best known for his iconic portrayal of the Incredible Hulk in the 70s TV show – is about to become an honorary Hamilton Police Constable.

Yes, really.

Hamilton Police say that Ferrigno took notice of Crime Stoppers’s “Be a Hero” campaign because it’s a “slogan dear to his heart” that he uses on his personal website to encourage young people to fight bullying. Now, they’re giving him a badge.

“Mr. Ferrigno has dedicated his life to the continued partnership and support of law enforcement agencies all over North America,” a police news release reads. “He holds honorary deputy status in numerous states, and has now come to Hamilton Ontario.” 

Ferrigno is also set to appear at the Hamilton Convention Centre for the second annual comic con on the day after his police ceremony. Julie Newmar (Catwoman from the classic 60s Batman TV show) and retired WWE wrestler Trish Stratus will also be at the convention.

“To kick off the convention, The Incredible Hulk will be smashing into the Hamilton Police Service’s Central Station where Chief Glenn DeCaire will be swearing him in as an honorary police constable for the City of Hamilton,” the news release reads.

Ferrigno is being given the badge number 8477 – the same last four numbers on the Crime Stoppers phone number. He’s being sworn in on Oct. 3 at 11 a.m. at Central Police station, followed by a charity BBQ to raise funds for Crime Stoppers.