They came, they saw, and they crawled.

Tens of thousands of people descended on James Street North this weekend for the fiftth annual Supercrawl festival.

The event, which took place on Friday and Saturday, featured a smorgasbord of musical acts — including Maritime troubadour Joel Plaskett, U.S. synth-pop outfit Passion Pit and Hamilton-grown bands Dinner Belles and Lee Harvey Osmond — scores of street performers and, of course, art galore. 

Supercrawl organizer Tim Potocic, co-owner of Sonic Unyon Records, called the 2013 edition of the festival an "overwhelming success." 

Police haven't provided a crowd estimate, but Potocic said attendance at Supercrawl 2013 topped 80,000, the figure from last year. 

"We had more people for sure than we did last year," he said. "And more people stayed for a longer period of time."

Potocic said he and other organizers are looking into the possibility of adding more stages or changing the layout of the street festival for next year, adding he hopes to get more public feedback on the matter. 

"We’ll be seeking input from a lot of people to see that we’re assessing ourselves correctly." 

CBC Hamilton reporters took photos of the happenings on both days of the festival. Flip through the galleries above to check out the sights that were on display at Supercrawl 2013.