Supercrawl 2013: Everything you need to know

Here's a guide to the best things Supercrawl 2013 has to offer.
Circus Orange is just one of a pile of performances happening at Supercrawl 2013. (Adam Carter/CBC)

Supercrawl weekend is here, and things are finally getting underway. James Street is closed, stages are being built, art is being installed and vendors are setting up.

There's a lot to take in — and if you're not careful, you could miss something great. But CBC Hamilton has you covered. Here's a guide to the best things Supercrawl 2013 has to offer.

The music

There will be a staggering amount of music on James Street on Friday and Saturday. There are 57 bands playing on three stages — and that doesn't count buskers and afterparties.

With that many options, most people are going to be able to find something they enjoy. If you're a fan of indie rock, check out Passion Pit, Wintersleep, or Yo La Tengo. Is blues or jazz your thing? Then you've got Steve Strongman and Haolin Munk.

If you're looking for electronic music, seek out Illitry, or drop into the AGH Design Annex for their electronic music stage.

And if heavy music is your thing, make sure to catch F--cked Up or The Dirty Nil.

For more, check out CBC Hamilton's list of 10 bands to watch at Supercrawl.

Art and performance

It wouldn't be a crawl in Hamilton without art in it. There are eight major art installations planned in conjunction with the festival, but there are also scores of art lining the walls of venues and galleries downtown, too.

No doubt there will also be artists up and down the street showing off their work.

On the performance side, we've got aerial circus troupes, roller derby, dancing, and lots of fire.

Check out CBC Hamilton's list of performances and art that you shouldn't miss at Supercrawl.

Crawling with kids

The festival isn't just for adults — there is lots happening for kids as well. Most of those activities can be found in the family zone, which is located on York Boulevard off James Street North.

Kids can sit in on storytelling, puppet shows, gardening classes, hockey with the Hamilton Bulldogs, music, and even a parade.

For more, read these 5 things to do with your kids at Supercrawl.

How to get around

If the massive growth Supercrawl has experienced in the last few years is any indication, there should be over 100,000 people in downtown Hamilton on Saturday.

That means parking and transit will be an adventure, to put it mildly. For information on parking, biking, shuttle buses and more, read CBC Hamilton's guide to getting around at Supercrawl.

Supercrawl is free and takes place in downtown Hamilton on September 13 and 14.