Hamilton job seekers may have more luck in the New Year, as local employers report a sunny hiring climate.

In Hamilton, 20 per cent of employers plan to hire during the first quarter of 2013, according to the latest Manpower Employment Outlook Survey. The survey asks for feedback from 1,900 companies across Canada.

"We’re optimistic about trends in Hamilton," Erica Melarangeli of Manpower’s Hamilton office, said. "In particular what I’m seeing is an increase in demand in skilled trades and manufacturing."

While four per cent of employers were unsure what the future holds, the survey showed that 73 per cent of employers plan to maintain their current employees.

Another 73 per cent of employers plan to maintain their current staffing levels while four per cent of employers are unsure of their hiring intentions for the upcoming quarter.

Hamilton's results are even sunnier than those in Toronto, where only 13 per cent of employers intend to hire in the New Year. Malerangeli said this shows that Hamiltonians need not head east for good jobs.

"People are driving for work when there’s work here," she said. "It’s bustling down here again.

She also added job seekers shouldn’t wait if they’re hoping to bag one of the new opening position, saying they should "be proactive," and start the process now by looking online and create a job profile.