A Hamilton man appeared in Sudbury court Tuesday after police found him last summer growing more than 240 marijuana plants, the Sudbury Star reported Wednesday.

James Wyse was 62 at the time of his arrest last August. He was sentenced to 18 months but won’t serve any more time due to credit for the time he’s served since his arrest. He was bound for a trial but pleaded guilty to three of his charges yesterday, including two related to marijuana.

Superior Court Justice Robert Del Frate chastised Wyse for his crimes.

“It appears to me that your career of producing and selling drugs hasn't been all that successful: You keep getting caught,” Del Frate told Wyse, according to the Star. “I think you should seriously consider taking up another occupation because you are not very good at this one ...

“If you don't smarten up, you are going to spend the rest of your life in jail.”

Wyse promised to look for a job.