Students at Lincoln Alexander elementary make the trip for 'Linc'

Students from Lincoln Alexander Elementary School in Hamilton make their way to the funeral of the man who gave their school its name.

Alexander never forgot the Hamilton school with his name

Students headed to Alexander's funeral today to pay their respects to a great man 1:45

Of the many people who looked up to and admired Lincoln Alexander the children at the elementary school in Hamilton that bears his name might be the smallest. But they knew him too.

In the hall at Lincoln Alexander Elementary School there is a portrait of Alexander and a message: "Life is not fair. Stay in school. Get an education."

Alexander was there as the first shovelful of earth was dug and he was there for the grand opening. The school didn't just have his name. It was his school.

He stopped there every year on his birthday until his health began to fail. He would stop in to talk to children. He did that  for the last time in February. Student Sarah McShane said "I think he is a great man. He worked very hard for our country and for peace in the world."

Lincoln Alexander Elementary School student Jacob Keogh, 11, told CBC News "he was an honourable man who paid his dues when he needed to and he could take a joke."

Principal Mark Hopkins remembers Lincoln's visits too. He said "any chance he could make it up here, he would come, he liked things to be simple." Hopkins said Alexander loved the simple things like reading a story to children. He listened to what the children had to say.

Click on the video at the top of this page to see students from Lincoln Alexander Public School as they made their way to the funeral at Hamilton Place.