No one has been arrested yet for chasing down and killing a 51-year-old cyclist in the city’s east end — even though police have had what they believe is the murder weapon for days.

Michael Sullivan

Michael Sullivan, 51, was killed by a truck driver who chased him through the streets of the east end back in July, police say. (Courtesy Hamilton Police)

The weapon — a black Ford F150 pickup truck — was picked up by police on Monday. It is now undergoing forensic testing, says homicide Det. Peter Thom.

“We do know who the official registered owner is,” Thom said, adding that no arrests have yet been made in the case.

“Sometimes the vehicles are sold without the ministry of transportation knowing,” he said. Thom would not elaborate as to if that happened in this particular case. “We can’t rule anyone out,” he said.

Michael Sullivan became the city's 10th homicide of the year when he died at Hamilton General Hospital over the weekend. The incident, and the frightening circumstances of a driver chasing down and deliberately hitting a cyclist, remained secret for almost three months.

Sullivan was riding on his bike in the area of Barton Street East and Lottridge Street back in July.

“While in the vicinity he had a brief interaction with some individuals and continued about his business,” according to a police statement. “This interaction led to some misinformation being passed to the driver of a black, Ford F150 pickup truck.” Thom would not specify what that "misinformation" was.

Police say the driver of the truck chased Sullivan through city streets and then pursued him into the rear lot of a Barton Street East restaurant supply store. The truck hit Sullivan and he flew off the bike, police say.

The driver of the truck sped off after hitting Sullivan and was last seen travelling eastbound on Barton Street, police say.

Thom couldn’t say whether or not the person who hit Sullivan is a risk to the public.

“It’s hard to say what set him off on that particular day,” he said. “It’s not the norm for a person to go to that extreme.”

“I believe this is an isolated incident.”

Police and Sullivan’s family are appealing to anyone who has information connected to the incident to call police at 905-546-2920 or crime stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.