A banner in Jackson Square announces the arrival of a new Starbucks. (Samantha Craggs/CBC)

Starbucks is opening up an outlet in downtown Hamilton.

Signage has gone up in Jackson Sqaure, noting that a Starbucks will be "coming soon" to the area.

Officials with the mall confirmed that the coffee shop will be housed in the Sheraton Hotel on King Street.

The international coffee chain will join a number of both independent and chain coffee shops in the downtown area, including Radius Café, Mulberry Street Coffee House and Homegrown Hamilton.

The addition of a new chain store isn’t a cause for concern, said Beth Chichakin, owner of Homegrown Hamilton.

She doesn’t see herself losing clientele to a company like Starbucks, she said. .

"I’m not personally worried about it," she said. "Generally, the people that who come to us are the people who don’t want to go to Starbucks."

The arrival of more franchises in the area is reassuring said Ward two councilor Jason Farr.

"I’m quite pleased to see plenty of franchises pop up in the area," he said.

"All we need now is a Lululemon and an Apple Store and we’ll be set."

Starbucks already has  a number of outlets in Hamilton, including on Locke Street in Downtown Dundas, Waterdown, at Mohawk College McMaster University and at new Target stores.