Hamilton entered the second day of a Stage Three heat alert on Thursday, with temperatures expected to feel hotter 40 C with the humidity on yet another day.

Here are some of the city's suggestions on how to keep cool during the heat wave:

  • Drink lots of water.
  • Go to an air-conditioned place.
  • Limit unnecessary physical activity during the daytime, and reschedule outdoor activities for cooler times of day.
  • Take a cool shower or bath.
  • Close curtains or blinds to limit the amount of sunlight that streams into your living space.
  • Never leave children or pets alone in closed vehicles.
  • Wear lightweight, loose-fitting, light-coloured clothing.

Environment Canada says Thursday's expected high for Hamilton is 33 C, which would match the hottest recorded temperature for July 18, achieved on that date in 1986.

The city is advising residents to keep cool. It has provided a list of "cool places," including public libraries and community centres, for residents who need to get out of the heat, and has temporarily extended operating hours for public outdoor pools.

Hamilton, along with much of southern Ontario and southern Quebec, is in the midst of a heat wave. On Wednesday, temperatures hit 33.4 degrees — short of last year's record, 34.8 degrees, for July 17 — but with the humidex, it felt as hot as 45 degrees.

Thunderstorm risk

Environment Canada says there is 60 per cent chance of precipitation on Thursday afternoon, with a risk of thunderstorms.

Despite the showers in the forecast, temperatures are expected to climb to the low-to-mid 30s on Friday. There will be a 60 per cent chance of rain on Friday evening, again with a chance of thunderstorms.

Hamilton can expect some relief from the heat on the weekend. Temperatures, according to Environment Canada, are expected to max out at around 25 C, with partly cloudy and sunny skies in the forecast for Saturday and Sunday.