Should Hamilton name buildings after Martin Short and Eugene Levy?

Two of Hamilton's funniest sons, Martin Short and Eugene Levy, should have buildings named for them, a city councillor says.

Coun. Sam Merulla has a soft spot for the Hamilton humourists

Eugene Levy, left, and Martin Short, right, pose together at the opening of The Comedy of Errors in Los Angeles in May 2009. ((Chris Pizzello/Associated Press))
Two of Hamilton's funniest sons, Martin Short and Eugene Levy, should have buildings named for them, a city councillor says. 

Coun. Sam Merulla will formally bring the idea to fellow councillors at an upcoming meeting, suggesting the two comedians' names be considered at the city's facilities-naming committee. 

Short was born in Hamilton in 1950, and Levy in 1946. They performed together on SCTV and have each had remarkable careers in television and movies. 

Merulla says the famous pair are a sort of bragging right for Hamilton.

"Growing up in Hamilton, being born and raised here, I probably have mentioned countless times that Martin Short and Eugene Levy are from here," he said. "When you talk to someone, the first step is 'You know they're Canadian, eh?' Next is 'They're from Hamilton.' It's something we have a collective sense of pride about." 

In an excerpt from Short's memoir published in Vanity Fair, the comedian recalled the push from Levy he got while studying social work at McMaster University to give show business a shot.

"Eugene, who was already living in Toronto and doing the struggling-actor thing, kept nudging me, telling me that I had real talent and would be a fool not to give the performing life a stab," Short wrote. "'Try it for a year,' he said. 'If it doesn't work out, you'll still be able to look in the mirror at 50 with no regrets.'"

Short gave himself that year. If it didn't work, he'd go back to McMaster and beg them for a spot in grad school for the fall. That was in 1972.

Since then, he's appeared in dozens of films and TV shows, particularly Father of the Bride, Mars Attacks and Saturday Night Live.

Levy is most known for roles in films such as American Pie and Best in Show.

Merulla also suggested the two be considered for the Hamilton Gallery of Distinction

Here's a clip of the two in a sketch called "Half Wits" from their Second City days:


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