Profiles advertising sex acts for money are creeping onto mobile dating application Tinder.

Sex worker profiles violate the dating giant’s terms of service, but they could be seen in recent weeks popping up in the Hamilton area. The profiles include prices for things like unprotected oral sex and the “girlfriend experience,” when an escort provides a service closer to a romantic relationship than purely sex.

Despite these sightings, Tinder’s Director of Communications Rosette Pambakian says Tinder isn’t experiencing a rise in sex worker profiles, and that administrators delete any profiles that violate the company’s terms of service.

“As with all social networks, there will always be people that try to violate our terms of service,” Pambakian told CBC News. “We have security measures in place that keep our ecosystem as authentic as possible.”

Tinder’s popularity has skyrocketed with college and university-age users since it launched back in 2012. Pambakian says the company won’t disclose exact numbers of people using it or downloads, but does say the app boasts millions of users.

Tinder’s interface is decidedly bare bones. Users sign up using Facebook, and set their gender, sexual orientation and location, and then swipe through profile pictures in their general vicinity. Swiping left means you’re not interested, swiping right means you are. Whenever someone “likes” a person who has also liked him or her back, the two can enter a private chat and start talking.

Pambakian says 850 million profile ratings and more than 10 million matches are made on the app each day.