Ivor Wynne stadium may be no more, but its legacy may be felt for years to come. Sales of memorabilia from the iconic stadium have netted the local community more than $25,000.

On Tuesday morning, former Ti-Cat Angelo Mosca presented Hamilton city council staff with a cheque for $25, 223.64. The money represents the net proceeds from the sale of seats, signage and hall of fame seating and various other items that were salvaged from the stadium before it was demolished.

Seats were the most popular sale item, with 331 seats being sold at $74.99 each. Section signs were also popular among collectors.

The sale, which took place in November and December of 2012, fell slightly short of estimates. But city staff didn't appear disappointed by the discrepancy.

"We only had a rough estimate that they brought to our last meeting, which they thought would be about $30,000," said Coralee Secore. "We're quite pleased."

The money raised from the memorabilia sale will be held in a brand new fund, the Ivor Wynne Community Fund, which was established to support the neighbourhood.

Secore said that city staff are currently engaged with the local community to see where best to use those funds. At the moment, it's just one of several unknowns, however.

"We have no idea how we're going to acces it, who will distribute the money. There will be an application process," she said, adding that at the moment they are working with the community to develop ideas for its use.

According to Secore, a report featuring recommendations for how to best use the money in the neighbourhood should be presented to city council in June or July.

The remaining memorabilia, which includes everything from sectional signage to Hall of Fame seats, will be disposed of through the Traffic Operations recycling centre, confirmed Secore.

"The city will receive money from the metal. We're not just throwing it out."