It took emergency crews two hours to save a stranded climber at Albion Falls Saturday night.

Ten emergency units were called to the falls at around 8:30 p.m., said Bob Simpson, fire information officer with the Hamilton Fire Department.

There, they found Shawn Dall, stranded on the side of a cliff face.

While hiking to the falls, Dall got stuck when the pathway he was on suddenly ended and the way he had just taken started crumbling away, he said in a Facebook post.

"I was trapped and couldn't go up or down," Dall said in his post. "I also realized that my own foothold on where I was was rapidly slipping away."

He saw people below him and shouted for help. When emergency crews arrived, officers on rope lines buckled him into a harness and pulled him up to safety. He wasn't badly injured. "Just some cuts and bruises and I feel pretty sore right now, but otherwise I am fine," Dall wrote.

"I would like to thank the emergency crew who saved my life today, as I would most likely not be alive right now otherwise."

Simpson told CBC Hamilton that emergency crews are called to about 15 to 20 rope rescues a year like this one.

"People are climbing on the face of the escarpment and get stuck sometimes," Simpson said.