Film trucks lined Colborne Street and a handful of enormous cranes hung above local businesses—some of which had been tricked out to look like they are located in Detroit, where the film is set—as filming for the Hollywood remake of the 80s classic RoboCop took over James Street Monday morning.

Elaborate graffiti displaying the tag "Free Detroit" also appeared spray-painted in various forms along brick walls.

Crews were busy at work preparing for shooting the sci-fi reboot, which one crew member said wouldn't begin in earnest until later.

"The actors won't arrive until around seven or eight o'clock tonight," he said.

While it wasn't clear just who he was referring to, the film's cast list includes Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Keaton, Gary Oldman, Abbie Cornish, Jennifer Ehle and Joel Kinnaman.

The stars aren't the only thing fans might want to keep an eye out for tonight and in the coming days as shooting goes on. Another crew member mentioned that there are some odd, futuristic looking cars to be seen, too.

Set in a futuristic crime-ridden Detroit, RoboCop tells the story of Alex Murphy, a cop who is killed on duty but resurrected as a hulking cyborg.

Filming will continue in Hamilton until Oct. 1.