Daniel Baffoh never got a chance to donate his kidney to his dad.

Before the 26-year-old Mountain resident went missing earlier this year, he volunteered to give his kidney to his dad who was sick, the pastor at the church attended by Baffoh's parents told CBC News.

His brother has now signed up to be a donor.

Those close to Baffoh know him as a selfless giver, while acknowledging he was a young man who lost his way growing up.

"He's someone whose life has inspired other people," said David Edosa, paster at Hamilton's All Nations Full Gospel Church at Main Street and London Street.

Forensic analysis has confirmed on Thursday that human remains discovered last month at the Lake Niapenco Reservoir in the Binbrook Conservation Area belong to Baffoh.

Baffoh died of a gunshot wound, police say.

He has been missing since January 31.

Three people have since been charged in relation to his death.

Edosa, who visited the Baffohs' west Mountain home Thursday after learning the news, said the identification of the body will provide some closure for the family and the church community.

"It's been a tough period, but it's also been a time where the church has pooled together more than ever before," he said. "It helps us put life into perspective."

Obie Bafour has known Baffoh for more than eight years. They share the same Ghanaian background and similar last names. The two became friends after Bafour's citizenship card was mistakenly delivered to Baffoh's address and Baffoh tracked him down.

Although the two lost touch after Bafour started his real estate career and became a father, he recalled that his friend was calm and collected, a man of a few words.

"I don't know what he did to deserve that , but I don't think he deserves that at all."

Kwame Boahehe, president of the Ghana Association of Hamilton/Burlington, said the Baffohs are active members of the community and Baffoh was "like a son to us."

The family will need some time to soak in the news before moving on, he said.

"We'll wait for a signal from the family and then go from there," he said.

Leo Johnson, who goes to the same church as Baffoh's parents, helped start a Facebook page to find Baffoh after his disappearance. He described Baffoh as "just like many young, black teenagers," but someone who "looked at the wrong places for solutions."

"He spent his teenage years looking for opportunities, but unfortunately the city didn't have a lot to offer him," he said. "There are a lot of young men and women in the community that are at the same stage Daniel was at when he met his death."

Police proceeded to lay charges without having found the body. Mark Langille, 43, was charged with first degree murder in March. His 22-year-old son Damian was charged with accessory after the fact to murder.

Andrew Keith Gordon, 39, was also charged in March with being an accessory after the fact.