Friday's massive dumping of snow kept both police and road crews on their toes.

Record-breaking snowfall totals topped 35 cm in some parts of the city, Environment Canada says — with the most snow falling on the Mountain and in Dundas. The previous record for Feb. 8 was 22.6 cm, set back in 1994.

In the midst of the blustery conditions, police were called to 34 accidents around the city in just over 24 hours from Friday morning to Saturday morning.

The westbound lanes of the Lincoln Alexander Parkway were closed around 9 a.m. Saturday because of multiple collisions and treacherous road conditions. Police say the roadway wont be open again for quite a while.

Staff Sgt. Scott Balinson told CBC Hamilton police ended up spending a lot of energy on Friday "just getting cruisers in and out of our lot."

By the time a "snow emergency" was issued Friday afternoon, police made the decision to only focus on priority one and priority two calls, Balinson said. A priority one call includes a crime in progress, an accident with an injury or an alarm going off. Priority two calls include family disputes in progress.

But while Hamilton might be blanketed right now, the snow isn't going to last, according to Environment Canada Meteorologist Rosemary Tabory. The weather forecast is calling for showers and a high of 1 C Sunday evening.

"Whatever snow is there will get saturated and heavy, and then start melting," Tabory said.

Then on Monday, the temperature is set to spike up to 6 C, with more rain on the way. But on Tuesday, the temperature is expected to plummet below freezing again, making everything very slick in Hamilton, she added.

"It's going to be very messy."

The city's Medical Officer of Health issued a cold weather alert Saturday morning. A cold alert is issued when current or anticipated weather conditions are at or below –15 C or –20 C with the wind chill.