Ranggo takes top prize at Lion's Lair

A subscription based meal-rating app took home the biggest chunk of thr $165,000 in prizes and services at the 2014 Lion's Lair competition Thursday night.

A subscription based meal-rating app edged out a disposable green bin in this year's Lion's Lair, taking home most of the cash at the fourth annual homegrown entrepreneur competition. 

Ranggo's social-platform meal rating app, in which restaurants sign up for service that provides detailed information on meal ratings, took home a total of $57,500 in prizes, including $25,000 in cash. 

The Greenlid, a disposable green bin that uses end of life recyclables like those found in egg cartons, took home slightly less, $51,250, all of which was in kind services including legal, accounting, web and app development services.  

The Lions had the duty of dividing up $30,000 cash, and $135,000 of pro bono work where they believed would have the most impact on individual businesses. The Greenlid, for example, appears to be headed into a major web redevelopment, with a sizable chunk, $20,000 in total, dedicated to web and app development for the biodegradable bins.

Ranggo, meanwhile, said its top prize money is headed into where the company needs it most: sales and development.

"We're probably going to start with 2 (salespeople)," said CEO Peter Basl. "If it goes well, we can always hire more."

In third place, Sound Options Tinnitus Treatments, a company that creates custom sounds to stimulate the brain and prevent hearing loss from tinnitus, took home $28,250 in services. Hangry, a take-out ordering app, and Special Appucations, a learning tool for children with learning disabilities, rounded out the last of the services that were left, including strategic planning for Hangry, and six months of office space for Special Appucations. 


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