Police are investigating what they believe to be a human bone found on the Niagara Escarpment.

A hiker found the body part on Tuesday around McNeilly Road and 8th Road East near where police searched for the remains of a missing developmentally disabled woman last year.

The hiker went home and called police, but when officers arrived, it was too dark to search.

This morning, officers found “a bone, suspected to be human,” police said in a statement Wednesday. The Centre for Forensic Sciences is investigating.

Depending on the results, police may search the site more tomorrow.

The site is near where police searched for the remains of Shirley Treadwell, a Stoney Creek woman with a mental disability, last year. Treadwell is believed to have died in 2009. Police were alerted to her death last June.

In a search last November, police found a handful of bones. Further investigation showed they were animal bones.

Treadwell’s niece and caregiver was charged last September with fraud and committing an indignity to a human body. The niece allegedly disposed of her aunt’s body and collected disability cheques.