When school is back in session next week, Hamilton police will be riding with kids on buses, keeping an eye out for drivers who don't stop when the school bus lights are flashing.

The new project includes police spotters hiding out to pull over drivers who miss the school bus stop sign.

Designed to keep students riding buses safe, Project Protector is an attempt to deal with problems police see each year with the reappearance of school buses. 

"Morning drive traffic, potential lateness, and speed, coupled with distracted driver behaviours, can prove to be hazardous, possibly fatal. Next week, our residential corners will be busy with stopped buses, eager school children and  proud parents wishing them a good day," said police in a release.

Officers from division 30 on the Mountain, including patrol officers, crime managers and divisional youth officers, will call in offenders to nearby roaming cruisers, said police.

The system is more effective than the existing ‘operation bus watch’ system, which relied on bus drivers to record and report drivers who broke the law, said police.

By adding an officer on buses, police are able to be more discreet when patrolling around buses, and also have the officer on the bus as a witness if the case goes to court.

The first wave of Project Protector will run from Sept. 3 to 6, and a second wave will begin on Oct. 15.