Police launch program to collect unwanted firearms

Today the police service launched the Firearm Amnesty Program, which during the month of April, encourages people to surrender unwanted firearms.

Remove firearms from residence to reduce risk of having them stolen, said police chief Glenn De Claire

Hamilton Police Service collected 374 firearms and 20,000 rounds of ammunition in an amnesty program last year. Coun. Matthew Green wants to do another amnesty program but add a financial incentive. (Victoria Stunt)

Hamilton Police will help you get rid of your firearms.  

Thursday, the police service launched a Firearm Amnesty Program, which during the month of April, encourages people to surrender unwanted guns.  

Now is the time to bring [firearms] forward and turn them in to us. Get them out of the community safely.- Inspector Paul Evans

“With this program, the community can help Hamilton Police reduce further gun violence. And even if we recover just one gun, together, we will be making our community safer,” said Hamilton Police Chief Glenn De Claire.

The program collects registered or unregistered rifles, shot guns, hand guns and ammunition. It also collects replicas or pellet guns, as these could be used by criminals to imitate actual firearms. The firearms will be destroyed.

Already five guns and 400 rounds of ammunition have been picked up by Hamilton Police since the beginning of the month. The items belonged to one man who had inherited them from a relative, a scenario police believe will recur throughout the month.


Hamilton Police ask community members to call the Firearm Amnesty Program line at (905) 818-9656 to surrender guns.

Do not transport the firearm in your vehicle or bring it to the police station.

Instead, police will make home visits to pick up them up.

The last time Hamilton Police ran the program was in 2006. Exactly 1254 guns were surrendered and disposed of.

“What we’re trying to do is alleviate the stress and anxiety from individuals,” who have unwanted guns in their homes, said Inspector Paul Evans. “They can live stress-free in regards to any concerns of a break in...or about how to safely dispose of them.”  

In the last two years, 99 guns were reported stolen to Hamilton Police.

“Now is the time to bring [firearms] forward and turn them in to us. Get them out of the community safely.”

If you would like to surrender firearms, call the Firearm Amnesty Program line at Hamilton Police Service at (905) 818 9656 to arrange for a pick-up.