Ontario Provincial Police raided a Mountain home Friday morning as part of an investigation into a performance enhancing drug operation in Hamilton.

Officers carried out a search warrant at a large, two storey home at Upper Wellington and Stonechurch at around 10 a.m., said Scott Mills, the operations coordinator of the OPP drug enforcement unit.

Mills told CBC Hamilton officers found a “clandestine lab,” that they believe was manufacturing Performance Image Enhancing Drugs, or PIEDs. Once inside, other chemicals and apparatus were discovered that could point to other drugs being made there as well, he said.

“But I’m not a chemist, I don’t know what they’re making,” he said. “We’d need to have a chemist involved to tell us exactly.”

Hazmat and fire crews are also on scene over air quality precautions. As of noon, a hazmat team was in the process of securing the building with breathing apparatuses on.

Labs making PIEDs are becoming increasingly popular, Mills says. “There’s a concerted effort to discover these labs. It’s more common than I as a drug officer of 27 years thought.”

Upper Wellington is closed between Towercrest Drive and Stonechurch for the ongoing investigation, and police and fire crews will likely be on scene for at least another two hours, Mills says.

“It’s a slow process, and there are so many decontaminating procedures we have to go through.”

One Hamilton man has been arrested, and charges are pending.