A Labour Day fracas involving pant-less dancing, a smashed-up car and the brandishing of the knife has landed a 27-year-Hamilton man assault and mischief charges.

On Monday at around 7 p.m., a man was driving west on Carlton Street near Taylor Avenue in St. Catharines when he came upon a man who was dancing in the road without any pants.

The driver stopped his car to avoid hitting the man, when a second male approached the vehicle with a "long, wooden stick," said Derek Watson, a spokesperson with the Niagara Regional Police Service.

The second man, a 56-year-old from St. Catharines, began "smashing out the windows, headlights and taillights of the car," Watson said. "And then our dancing man joins in by kicking the side panels of the car."

Watson said the pant-less man, a 27-year-old from Hamilton, proceeded to pull out a knife and "started wailing it in the air."

'We believe it was random — sort of a wrong-place-at-the-wrong-time type of thing.' —Derek Watson, Niagara Regional Police Service

A male neighbour noticed the commotion and came outside to assist the driver. According to Watson, the 56-year-old responded by "jumping on" the neighbour.

Then, another neighbour, also male, ran out to help, prompting the 56-year-old to chase him off with a baseball bat, Watson said.

Police arrived on scene and arrested both assailants "without incident," said Watson.

No one was seriously injured in the incident, he said. The car, a 2005 Chevy sedan, sustained $2,000 in damage.

The attackers and the victims were not known to each other, Watson said.

"We believe it was random — sort of a wrong-place-at-the-wrong-time type of thing," he said.

A 27-year-male from Hamilton was charged with mischief, assault with a weapon and breach of probation. A 56-year-old male, of St. Catharines, was charged with mischief, assault and assault with a weapon.

Watson said he didn't know whether drugs or alcohol were involved in the incident.