Ontario's Ombudsman didn't mince words on Friday when he took to Twitter to critique a Hamilton integrity commissioner report stemming from when a councillor pushed a journalist.

Andre Marin said the report from Earl Basse is only useful as an example for how not to write a report.

"If Bill 8 had been in effect, I would have sent #HamOnt IC report back to the drawing board," Marin tweeted. "And not the Grade 3 one it appears it was written on."

Basse issued a report this week saying that Coun. Lloyd Ferguson of Ancaster violated the city's code of conduct when he grabbed Joey Coleman, an independent journalist who live streams city hall meetings. 

At least two councillors were critical of the report, including that Basse didn't interview Coleman before it was issued. They also criticized that the report came nearly a year after the Feb. 26, 2014 incident.

CBC Hamilton is pursuing comment from Basse, whose term expires in June. The city is replacing the position with a joint integrity commissioner/lobbyist registrar and hopes to name the successful candidate in April.

The city pays Basse a $1,500 retainer, and then an hourly fee for his investigations. Basse has two months to investigate but has the option to ask for extensions. 

Here's what Marin had to say: