Niagara man charged for burning Hamilton Police cruiser

A man has been charged for setting fire to a Hamilton Police cruiser at Airport Ford in December, 2013. He has also been charged for stealing the rims off of several pickup trucks. Total damagaes costing $75,000.

A 36-year-old Niagara man has been arrested in connection with the burning of a parked Hamilton police cruiser at Airport Ford on Rymal Road East. The man was identified with information from the Niagara Regional Police. The incident happened in December  2013, 

Two of the surrounding cars also had significant damage. One of the neighbouring cars that had damage belonged to the St. Elizabeth’s nursing home, and had both sets of licence plates stolen.

Three Ford F150 pickup trucks on the lot also had their tires slashed and rims stolen.

The replacement cost of the tires and rims was $16,000. A total of $75,000 damage was caused by the fire.

The man has been charged with Arson, two counts of theft under $5,000 and two counts of theft over $5,000.