Napoleon invades the Art Gallery of Hamilton

Over 200 famous artifacts are included in the AGH's "Eye of Napoleon' exhibit.

Over 200 famous artifacts included in 'Eye of Napoleon' exhibit

AGH curator Bennedict Leca gives us an inside look at Napoleon's legend 1:42

You know the man. You know the conqueror.

Now come see where he took a nap.

The Art Gallery of Hamilton is offering an inside look at French military and political leader Napoleon Bonaparte at its "Eye of Napoleon" exhibit.

AGH curator Bennedict Leca says the over 200 artifacts at the exhibit give audiences a glimpse of Napoleon as a normal person, just like all of us.

"He's such a mythic figure," Leca said. "But you look at that little camp bed and you imagine him taking a nap."

"When you think of an important world leader like Napoleon you always see him … gesturing, leading the people … so it's interesting to see him laying down, sleeping."

The exhibit features pieces from Pierre-Jean Chalençon, who began collecting Napoleon artifacts as a young man. Now, his collection is considered a national treasure for France.

It includes artifacts like Napoleon's aforementioned camp bed, as well as his famous hat.

Bonaparte Crossing the Alps by the Great Saint Bernard Pass. (Nathan K. Martin/Associated Press)

There are also some renowned art pieces on display, such as the iconic Bonaparte Crossing the Alps by the Great Saint Bernard Pass and a bust by Antonio Canova.

"What's really interesting to me is how these objects survive the man," Leca said. "He died 200 years ago and yet we have this hat which takes on the importance of a relic."

"You can imagine him wearing it, and maybe the sweat stains around the headband. It gives us very pointed view of the man as a human being."

"The Eye of Napoleon" runs on gallery level one at the AGH until May 5 — the date of his death in 1821.

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