Hamilton has seven potential human cases of West Nile virus.

Public Health Services has issued a statement saying there are seven confirmed or probable cases as of Wednesday morning. That’s up from four cases when it last issued a statement on Aug. 20.

The cases have spanned various ages, from the elderly to a woman in her twenties.

The city monitors mosquitoes throughout the summer. So far, there have been 28 positive mosquito pools found throughout Hamilton.

That includes two positive mosquito pools in Dundas, two in west Mountain, four in central Mountain, one in lower west Hamilton, four in lower central Hamilton, 10 in lower east Hamilton and five in lower Stoney Creek.

Last week, new positive pools were found in west Mountain (two), lower east Hamilton (two), and lower central Hamilton (two).

Here's a breakdown of the condition of local human cases of West Nile:

Case # Gender Age Decade Confirmed or Probable Status
1 Female 20s Confirmed case Recovering at home.
2 Male 80s Probable case Recovering at home.
3 Female 70s Probable case In hospital.
4 Female 50s Confirmed case Never had symptoms.
5 Female 80s Probable case In hospital.
6 Male 80s Probable case Recovering at home.
7 Male 50s Probable case Recovering at home.