A man arrested by Hamilton police  a year ago in an investigation into synthetic marijuana has been arrested by Toronto police in connection with an investigation into sales of the same product.

Between March 2 and March 4, the Toronto Police Drug Squad executed a total of 14 search warrants in Toronto and one in Peel Region relating to the IZMS and PurePillz products sold online and in several retail stores.

Toronto Police say the sum of the products collected exceeds $300,000. They also seized  $150,000 in drug cash proceeds,  two cars, and several computers related to the drug sale and production.

IZMS is a synthetic cannabis, also known as synthetic cannabinoids, and does not contain any real cannabis. It's a blend of herbs sprayed with man-made hallucinogens that mimic the effects of marijuana.

Peter Wookey,  was arrested by Hamilton police vice and drugs squad last year and then released on bail in March of 2012. 

Wookey was arrested in this bust with charges including conspiracy of trafficking a controlled substance, trafficking in schedule 2 substances, possession for the purpose of trafficking and possession of hashish and marijuana. Three others were arrested with multiple charges.