A Hamilton family is spending Christmas Eve without what they describe as one of their family members, after their son's teddy bear which has great sentimental values went missing at an airport.

Roslyn Allen flew to Thunder Bay with her fiancé and her 14-year-old son from Hamilton on Monday to spend Christmas with her family, only to discover that her luggage was left behind in Toronto. As they waited for the luggage to arrive on the next flight, her son's backpack with a laptop and a teddy bear in it went missing from the Thunder Bay airport.

Allen said she is not concerned about the laptop, but for her son: the teddy bear is a reminder of his grandmother. Nicknamed Teddy, the bear was given to him when he was two years old by his grandmother who passed away from brain cancer three years ago.

“It's heartbreaking. It's the only kind of piece of memorabilia my mom gave him,” she told CBC Hamilton.

Allen said the family was exhausted after waking up early to catch the flight and travelling for hours, which was part of the reason why none of them noticed the bag being stolen.

Allen is asking the person with the items to return the bear — no questions asked.

“He's a member of the family. He's so special to my son. Keep the laptop. Keep the bag.”