A St. Catharines mother's photo of her breastfeeding while on Santa's lap has gone viral, but it's not the reaction she had in mind.

Rebecca Dunbar says she had the picture taken mostly as a joke, but decided to post it to Facebook to raise awareness that public breastfeeding is perfectly natural.

Since the image went viral, Dunbar says about 75 per cent of the feedback has been negative, with most critics saying the photo is "trashy."


The shot features Dunbar looking down at her son as he nurses while Santa points to them, with the caption "All I want for Christmas is a happy healthy baby," and Dunbar says the photo is less revealing than many pictures of scantily clad woman.

She says her friends have responded enthusiastically on social media and media outlets have begun picking up the image, but she'll likely have to modify her Facebook settings to deal with negative blowback.