A Hamilton woman found a strange man rummaging through her dresser on Friday, police say – but he told her he was just there to “check the ceiling.”

It happened on the east Mountain on Dubarry Boulevard around midnight, police say. The homeowner was out back checking on her cat, and when she went back inside her home she heard noises coming from the upstairs master bedroom.

When she went upstairs to see what it was, she found a man she didn’t know searching her dresser, police say. She yelled at the man to get out of her house, to which the suspect said he had been sent by her husband to “check the ceiling.”

The man then bolted out of the bedroom and ran out of the front door, jumped into a vehicle and took off, police say. The woman wasn’t hurt, but the man did make off with some cash from her purse. Police believe he got in through an unlocked front door.