Now in its second year, Mid Summer's Dream has the look of a potential fixture of Hamilton's festival season.

Inspired by the Indian festival of Holi, in which revellers dance in the streets and throw coloured powder at each other and in the air, the event sticks out among the summertime shindigs the city has to offer.

"When people see bright colours, it just brings out your inner child. It's therapy," Mark Gowland, the festival's organizer, told CBC Hamilton earlier in August. "It's an excuse to be a kid again."

Brightening up Gage Park on Saturday, Mid Summer's Dream featured live music, dancing and some impromptu sports and games.

But the centerpiece was the mass colour tossing that lit up the park in between musical acts.

A CBC Hamilton reporter was on hand on Saturday afternoon to catch some of the polychromatic party first hand. Check out the slideshow above to see what it looked like.