Hundreds of Syrian refugees have arrived in Hamilton. Now the mayor is setting up his own advisory committee to help resettle them.

Fred Eisenberger will establish a mayor's advisory committee on newcomer resettlement to help coordinate the resettlement of both government-assisted and privately sponsored refugees.

Hamilton has received 992 government-assisted refugees between Dec. 10 and March 1, the mayor says. And Ontario has seen 2,016 privately sponsored refugees as of Feb. 10.

But there's no single agency in Hamilton helping coordinate both, he said. At a city council meeting on Wednesday, council voted with him to establish the advisory committee.

Eisenberger is suggesting city staff work with community groups to develop a terms of reference for the committee and report back in April.

Here's what else is on the agenda:

CBC Hamilton reporter Samantha Craggs tweeted live from the meeting at city hall. Read the result in the window below, or at @SamCraggsCBC.