Mayor Bratina sets Grey Cup bet with Regina mayor

Hamilton's Mayor Bob Bratina refused a bet with embattled Toronto mayor Rob Ford but a he's glad to take on the mayor of Regina.

Hamilton's Mayor Bob Bratina couldn't resist a good Grey Cup bet.

Bratina, who distanced himself from Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's trash talk leading up to the Eastern Final, has struck a deal with Regina's mayor Michael Fougere, his office said Tuesday.

The bet: the loser wears the opposing team's jersey to a council meeting. And, the loser will donate the combined weight of both mayors (somewhere around 400 lbs, we're estimating) worth of food to the winning team's local food bank.

Regina Mayor Michael Fougere is betting on a Riders win (CBC Saskatchewan)

“In my football broadcasting days I paid many visits to Regina but never with so much at stake,” said Bratina in a news release. Bratina will be heading to Regina and attending the game.

“I’m packing some extra Tiger-Cat wardrobe to leave with Mayor Fougere to wear."

Bratina adding he's looking forward to visiting Regina, home of Rider Nation, but expects any hospitality to stop at kickoff.

Fougere is equally confident of a Riders win and told Bratina so when they discussed the bet.

"We had a nice chat on the phone yesterday and I told Mayor Bratina that I look forward to the Tiger-Cats coming to our city this week," said Fougere.  "I also asked him for his shirt size because the Riders are going to win the Grey Cup in front of the Rider Nation."
Fougere says the welcome mat is out to Hamilton and all of Canada as Regina showcases its city for the 101st Grey Cup.
"We are proud to share our city and the Rider Nation with our thousands of visitors.  I encourage football fans to enjoy their time here, to visit the many attractions, and to be safe," said Fougere.

The two mayors are set to meet and officially shake on the bet when Bratina arrives in Regina on Friday evening.

With files from John Weidlich, CBC Regina


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