A Hamilton man was sentenced to life in prison Monday after a split-second decision to pull out his gun and shoot an acquaintance in his home.

The emotional day in court marked the end of a murder case that left a 26-year-old dead in a fight over $250 worth of drugs.

Mark Langille, 47, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the January, 2013 shooting death of Daniel Baffoh, a drug dealer described as a helpful son who lost his way growing up.

The Honourable Harrison S. Arrell, presiding over the criminal plea proceedings, said Langille will not be allowed to apply for parole for at least 14 years for what he called “cold blooded murder.”

Langille and Baffoh were with Langille’s son, Damian, and two acquaintances in Langille’s basement when a fight broke out over a drug purchase and the elder Langille suddenly turned a gun on Baffoh and shot him in the head.

“I didn’t expect this to go this way. Because of my addictions Daniel’s not here and I’m extremely sorry,” Langille said to Baffoh’s parents, who broke down with emotion. “I have stood up for what I’ve done wrong and I’m doing that one last time here.” 


Daniel Baffoh, who was 26 when he was killed in 2013, has been described as a good son who 'looked to the wrong places for answers.' (Supplied)

Baffoh was reported missing in February, 2013. The Mountain resident’s decomposing body was found at the Lake Niapenco Reservoir in the Binbrook Conservation area in July, months after the murder.

Langille’s son, Damian Langille, 24, was charged with accessory after the fact to Baffoh’s murder.

Baffoh’s parents, originally from Ghana, were visibly upset during the proceedings. “He was a loving son – healthy, kind and helpful” said Baffoh’s father, Benjamin. “He took care of his mother. He made a commitment to donate a kidney to me to help me with a medical condition.”

“We are still reeling from his death. He immigrated here not expecting to become a victim of murder.”

Langille’s family was also present on Monday. He has previous assault and alcohol-related convictions.