Ontario's Ombudsman Andre Marin has appointed two prominent former chiefs of police as special advisors to his ongoing investigation into police de-escalating conflict situations.

The two are Senator Vern White, former chief of the Ottawa and Durham police Services and former Assistant Commissioner of the RCMP, and Mike Boyd, former chief of the Edmonton Police Service and former deputy chief of the Toronto Police Service.

The Marin investigation is reviewing, among other things, the training provided to police through the Ontario Police College as well as how the province has responded to relevant recommendations from numerous inquests into police-involved deaths.

Hamilton's Steve Mesic, 45, died on June 7 after a confrontation with police just behind his house. After checking himself out of a voluntary mental health care program at St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton, he was seen wandering on the Lincoln Alexander Parkway near Upper Wentworth Street ramps. The SIU cleared the officers of any wrongdoing in the shooting.

Mesic’s family, alongside other families of people shot by police officers in Ontario, met with Marin in October. Ombudsman Andre Marin is doing a review of police use of force guidelines.