Margaret Elizabeth Steer is Hamilton's 2nd homicide victim of 2014

A 43-year-old woman faces charges of second degree murder and assault with a weapon after a stabbing death Saturday.

"There was a significant amount of blood," says homicide detective

Margaret Elizabeth Steer is rushed to hospital after being stabbed in the neck and chest in a MacNab Street apartment earlier this year. (David Ritchie/CBC)

Police have released more details about a stabbing death Saturday that became the city's second homicide of the new year and left a 43-year-old Hamilton woman facing charges of second degree murder and assault with a weapon.

Around 8:30 p.m., police say a fight broke out on the 12th floor of an apartment building at 500 McNab Street North. The victim and her boyfriend, who live on the 9th floor, had gone to another couple's apartment in the building to retrieve an item they had loaned. Neighbours in the building say it was an air conditioner.

Police say an argument broke out and the two men attacked one another and soon the two women jumped in. Police said the accused woman beat the victim's boyfriend with a baseball bat. She then allegedly grabbed a knife and stabbed the victim, 56-year-old Margaret Elizabeth Steer, in the neck and chest.

Police say Karen Flynn showed remorse for her actions right away, even on the night of the incident. (David Ritchie/CBC)

Steer's boyfriend called police. When they arrived, the accused and her boyfriend had left the scene and they found Steer had suffered severe injuries, but was still alive, according to Detective Sergeant Paul Hamilton of the Hamilton Police Services homicide unit.

"There was a significant amount of blood," said Hamilton. He added Steer died on the way to hospital after paramedics tried to save her. He said all four parties involved were known to police.

The 49-year-old male victim was taken to hospital with minor injuries and has been released. Hamilton said police do not plan to charge either of the men involved.

About an hour after they arrived on the scene, police arrested 43-year-old Karen Flynn of Hamilton elsewhere in the building, Hamilton said. Police have charged Flynn with second degree murder and assault with a weapon. She appeared in court on Sunday afternoon and is being held in custody. She will appear in court again on Monday.

Melanie Middheh, 39, lives on the 10th floor at 500 McNab St. She didn't know the victim or accused but saw the crime scene this morning while going to visit a friend on the 12th floor.

"The whole hallway was packed with blood. It looks like she probably fell down and bled out there. It was terrible," Middheh said, adding she wasn't shocked that such a violent crime had occurred in the building.

"Since I moved here in October, I've seen nothing and heard nothing but bad things about this place. The police are here all the time."

The homicide was Hamilton's second in just five days after 23-year-old Marley Rowe was shot in the head and killed early New Year's Day. 

Anyone with information about the attack is asked to contact Detective Andrea Richard of the Homicide Unit at 905-546-4067 or call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.