One woman is in hospital and Brantford Police are "shocked" no one was killed after a man opened fire into a crowd outside of a bar past last call Thursday morning. 

The woman is being treated for facial injuries from shrapnel or debris, said Brantford Cons. Natalie Laing. Police are looking for more witnesses to try and piece together a motive. They say three men stepped out of a silver sedan and got into an argument. Police say one of the men pulled out a handgun and fired multiple shots into the crowd. 

In a crowd of a dozen people standing on the corner, only one woman was hit. Bullets also struck a taxi and a gas meter.

"The motivation for it is unknown at this time," Laing said. "I don't recall that a random act like this and a senseless act like this… Not at all. Not in Brantford."

"I'm shocked that nobody was killed." 

Laing says what they do know is that a silver four-door sedan with four black men in their late 20s pulled up on Market Street in Brantford, near a pair of bars, Brando's and Two Doors Down.

Outside the bar stood a group of roughly a dozen people, 20-25 feet away from where the car pulled up. 

While the driver stayed inside, one of the men from the car got into an argument with one of the men in the crowd, police say. Laing said a man from the car "brandished a handgun and started shooting at the crowd. There was multiple shots fired."

Only the one woman was physically hurt, Laing said. She was rushed to Brantford General Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The vehicle, meanwhile, left along Nelson street. Police are looking for any witnesses, and anyone with information on a possible motive.

"We don't know if everybody stayed," Laing said. "We're still looking for people."