A man stranded his girlfriend with a knife-wielding mugger in downtown Hamilton Thursday night, police say.

Around 11:30 p.m., a 23-year-old man and his girlfriend were walking south on James Street North around York Boulevard when a man approached them and pulled a knife on them.

The man with the knife ordered the other man to hand over everything he had in his pockets and threatened to hurt him if he didn’t.

Instead, the man took off running – leaving his girlfriend behind, police say. The alleged mugger then turned his attention to her with a burst of threats. He started swinging his knife at her before starting to chase the man who ran off.

While the alleged mugger was chasing her boyfriend, the woman flagged down a car, and called police from inside. Her boyfriend doubled back to the intersection and jumped into the car for safety.

The man with the knife then ran from the area, police say. The victims started driving around the area looking for him.

Minutes later, they saw the alleged mugger trying to rob another man on the corner of Hughson Street and Cannon Street. That victim was seen running away from the man with the knife as well, police say.

A police officer who was in the area at the time saw the suspect running towards an apartment building on John Street just North of Cannon Street.

Officers stopped the suspect and arrested him without incident, police say. None of the victims ended up hurt or had anything stolen.

A 20-year-old Hamilton man was charged with three counts of robbery and held for a bail hearing.