Hamilton police have arrested a man they say has defrauded dozens of people for over $50,000 in ticket sales and electronics.

Police say Jacob Miranda had used Kijiji, Facebook and Blackberry Messenger to sell discounted concert or sporting event tickets and electronics like iPhones, iPods and laptops.

Miranda wouldn't send the purchased items once he received the money, police say.

The 20-year-old was arrested on fraud charges in August, but was back to old habits in December, when he allegedly accepted money for fake sports tickets.

Hamilton police had been working with officers in Brantford, Ottawa and Toronto to locate Miranda, said Hamilton Police Det. Duncan McCulloch.

"We know there are at least 25 victims," McCulloch said. He estimates a total of $50,000 was taken from the known victims.

On Thursday around 7 p.m., Toronto police officers arrested Miranda as he was getting off a bus in Toronto.

He's been charged with 57 fraud-related offenses in Hamilton alone, alongside an additional 10 in Toronto. Brantford and Ottawa police are also conducting their own investigations, McCulloch said.