The Beer Store is a legal near-monopoly operated by foreign multi-nationals.  Does that need to change?

Jason Fisher thinks so. He is an Ontario craft brewer, owner of Indie Alehouse Brewing. He joins Ontario Today's host Rita Celli for a live call-in interview at noon and will join our live chat from 12:30 to 1:15.

Fisher confronted Premier Kathleen Wynne last month calling out "Why do you hate Ontario craft brewers?" He aims to convince the province that The Beer Store is bad for both consumers and craft brewers in the province.

Fisher comes armed with a new report that backs some of his claims. University of Waterloo economics professor Anindya Sen published a study stating that claims by The Beer Store that prices would spike if the province allowed convenience stores to sell alcohol are not credible.

Sen's report discovered that The Beer Store collects $700 million annually in "incremental profits" when compared to Quebec stores because of higher prices and the near-monopoly the retailer has in Ontario.

Sen found the prices for a 24-bottle pack of beer at The Beer Store was $9.50 more or 27 per cent higher when compared to two major grocery stores in Quebec.

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