A company that calls itself Hamilton's first licensed medical marijuana producer has opened its doors.

Green Relief Inc. of Flamborough says it's Canada's 28th licensed producer of medical marijuana since new Health Canada regulations in 2014.

The company is a large aquaponics commercial grow facility. It's housed in a green-roof building with controlled environment grow rooms, the company says, and hybrid LED lighting.

"We are elated with the approval from Health Canada," said Warren Bravo, one of the owners, in a media release.

The company is already planning to expand to a second building of 210,000 square feet, and includes a research and development lab.

According to Health Canada, Green Relief got its license to cultivate medical marijuana on Feb. 18.


  • This story has been updated with the accurate square footage for the new facility.
    Feb 28, 2016 9:25 AM ET