Lancaster leaves Canada to embark on U.K. tour

Canada's last airworthy Avro Lancaster bomber successfully took off from Goose Bay, N.L., and is on its way to Iceland.

The bomber will begin a six-week tour of the U.K.

Leaving a powerful image in its wake, a pair of guns are seen on the tail of Canada's last airworthy Avro Lancaster, pointed squarely at Goose Bay, N.L. (Twitter user @MaffMunson)

The Lancaster bomber has left Canadian soil on its way to Iceland, leaving one powerful image in its wake: a pair of guns on the tail of Canada's last airworthy Avro Lancaster, pointed squarely at Goose Bay, N.L.

The image, tweeted out by Matthew Munson from the plane, is the beginning of what's expected to be a seven and a half hour journey to Keflavík International Airport in Reykjavík, Iceland. It will stop there before making the final leg of its journey to Royal Air Force base at Coningsby, in eastern England, Friday, to kick off a six-week tour of the U.K.

The Lancaster was also spotted doing some fly overs in Newfoundland, with this video posted to YouTube around noon Wednesday.

Matthew Munson tweeted out about his ride aboard the Lancaster noting that he is one of eight people on the cross-Atlantic flight, seven of whom are Britons. He posted several photos of the journey including photos from the hanger in Goose Bay, and even in the cockpit of the Lancaster.

You can follow the Lancaster's journey with our live blog below. 


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