John Thomas Lavoie, missing Brantford man, found in Nova Scotia

An Ontario man reported missing since Monday has been located in Nova Scotia after he called his wife while she was in the middle of a conversation with police about his disappearance.

Police were speaking to Lavoie's wife when he called her four days after disappearing

John Thomas Lavoie, also known as Tommy, was captured on surveillance video at Brantford and Hamilton bus stations shortly after he left his workplace on July 14. He was eventually located in Nova Scotia (Supplied by Brantford Police Service)

An Ontario man reported missing since Monday has been located in Nova Scotia after he called his wife while she was in the middle of a conversation with police about his disappearance. 

A Brantford, Ont., detective was speaking with the wife of John Thomas Lavoie​ when he phoned from Nova Scotia, four days after his disappearance, to tell her he was physically OK and is returning home. 

Police had been reviewing video surveillance in Hamilton of Lavoie, also known as Tommy, buying a bus ticket at the Go Transit station on Hunter Street.

Lavoie left his workplace in Brantford on Monday at 5:30 a.m.

Family members and police were concerned for Lavoie's well-being. (Submitted by Brantford Police Services)

Based on the investigation, police believed Lavoie may have been headed to Nova Scotia and were concerned about his well-being. He doesn't have family living there, nor is it believed he has ever travelled to the Maritime province in the past. 

The motivation for the sudden, unannounced trip remains unknown. He wasn't seen carrying any luggage or personal belongings with him.

It is out of character for Lavoie not to be in contact with his family for so long, police said. 

Police said they would not comment further, out of respect for the Lavoie family.