Jimmy Kimmel jokes about Hamilton mayoral candidate Ejaz Butt

In his opening monologue on Thursday night, late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel made a joke about the name on the latest contender to enter the Hamilton mayoral race. Ejaz Butt has a message for Kimmel, too.

American talk show host mocks name of newest contender in Hamilton mayoral race

Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel referenced Hamilton in his opening monologue on Thursday night.

American talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has set his comedic sights on Toronto mayor Rob Ford for months, even inviting Ford to be a guest on his show.

But on Thursday night, the American funnyman turned his gaze to the mayoral race brewing in Hamilton.

In his opening monologue, Kimmel said he’s drawn to the “mayor situation in Toronto like Jane Goodall follows her chimps. It’s probably the thing I’m most interested in in the world.”

Kimmel made fun of the name of Ejaz Butt, the founding president of the Ontario Taxi Workers' Union and the latest contender to enter into Hamilton's mayoral race. (Photo courtesy Ejaz Butt)

However, Kimmel noted he should “start paying close attention to the mayoral race in another Ontario town.”

Kimmel then introduced a clip from local TV news station CHCH that announced the entrance of Hamilton taxi union leader Ejaz Butt into the election fray.

“‘Ejaz’ is a weird start to begin with,” he quipped. “But when you throw a ‘butt’ in there…”

Butt, 62, is originally from Pakistan but has been working as a cab driver in Canada since 1987.

Kimmel to Hamilton: 'Steal me a sign'

“I started from the very grassroots. I have stayed in this city since I arrived in Canada. I have achieved a lot in this city and it’s time to give back,” Butt told CBC Hamilton.

Kimmel also made a request to viewers in Hamilton.

“Will someone please steal me one of his lawn signs?"

Butt's message for Kimmel

Reached by phone on Friday morning, Butt told CBC Hamilton he heard about the joke through a text message from his sister, who later sent him a link to the video.

“It was funny,” said Butt. “I enjoyed it.”

He said he took no offence to the joke and wanted to thank the producers of Jimmy Kimmel Live for the exposure.

If Kimmel offers him an invitation to appear on the program, Butt said, he would gladly accept.

“If they want me to come on the show, I will go there and I will thank them.”

As for the lawn sign, Butt said he’d happily send one along.

"It will say, 'If you want to save your butt, vote for the Butt.' "


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