A Hamilton man got a rude awakening early Friday morning when he woke up to pieces of a car on his front lawn and parts of his house gone.

Around 4:20 a.m. a man living on Homewood Avenue in central Hamilton woke up to a crashing sound, police say.

When he went to his front door, he saw the railing outside his home had been knocked off its posts and there was a bumper, muffler and assorted car parts on his front porch.

He called the police, and when officers got to his home, they heard a car driving up with what sounded like metal scraping on the road.

Officers found a vehicle parked on the street to the west of the home with a missing rear bumper. Police spoke with the driver, who showed signs of impairment. She was taken to the police station and blew over the legal limit, police say.

A 32-year-old Paris, Ont. woman was released on a promise to appear and charged with impaired driving.