Huntington Park Elementary School will remain closed for the rest of the school year as cleaning and repairs following Thursday's fire continue.

That won't mean that school is out for students who would have been in classes there. They will head to Sherwood Secondary School between Tuesday, June 26 and Thursday June 28.

Hamilton Fire Department's Dave Christopher confirmed to CBC Hamilton that fire began around 6:30 a.m. inside a classroom.

Christopher said a box window fan was turned on in the morning to cool a classroom. The school's janitor left the room and later smelled smoke. When he returned to the room, the fan was on fire and he called 911. Other materials, like curtains and school books, also caught on fire.

"Classroom 10 is heavily damaged," said Christopher.

The cause of the fire is most likely electrical. Christopher said the fire department is working on a damage cost estimate.

No one was injured.

The fire was contained to the class room, but Christopher said smoke migrated throughout the rest of the school.

The school board is asking parents and students to stay away from the school while it is closed.