When you ask "Humble" Howard Glassman and Fred Patterson about their most memorable moment from the past 15 months of doing their podcast, their answers tell it all.

"There was one woman that runs an adult swingers club," Glassman recalls.

"Eventually she asked us if she could make herself more comfortable and she took off all her clothes and did the rest of the interview naked."

Patterson mused about a different guest.

"A few weeks ago we had Ron McLean, from Hockey Night in Canada, on for the better part of an hour. We didn't just talk about hockey, we talked about Ron McLean."

This dichotomy perfectly demonstrates exactly what the Fred and Humble show is: a balance between funny comments, in-depth commentary and the totally absurd. It's partly the kind of balance that earned them fame as hosts on Toronto radio station 102.1 The Edge for many years.  

Now, after what they describe as "two radio guys who couldn't get a job deciding to start a show on the internet," the familiar voices will be back on radio waves starting January 21st, weekdays at 10 p.m. on Funny 820 in Hamilton.

With a mix of content from their popular podcast — which gets thousands of downloads every episode — as well as new content created just for the radio show, the duo says the production is meant to offer a little bit for everybody.

"Our show is like normal people. Isn't that what normal people are like? You talk seriously for a bit, then you have a joke. It's like having a beer in a bar with your buddies," Glassman said.

While the show will air on multiple stations, Patterson said Hamilton has always had a Fred-and-Humble fanbase and listening audience.

"The thing about Hamilton is that it was considered local for us when we were at The Edge. We had a lot of Hamilton listeners," he said. 

"Humble and Fred is not a new brand to Hamilton. But I think it will appeal to listeners everywhere. It will be fun, entertaining radio for a couple of hours every night."

Their online audience will still have access to the podcasts, but the duo is hoping to tap into a new audience through the terrestrial signal. With the first show airing Monday night, there's always a bit of trepidation, but Glassman thinks he has the prescription for new listeners.

"You have to listen to us 30 times before you'll like us," he laughs. "You have to give us a chance, and it takes 30 times."