How a Hamilton Tiger-Cats fan can get to the Grey Cup

So, you want to go to the Grey Cup? Well, that's going to be a tough trip to arrange, Tiger-Cats fan, and it'll cost you.
Hamilton Tiger-Cats fans heading to Regina for the 101st Grey Cup will have plenty of logistics to sort out this week. (Chris Young/Canadian Press)

So, you want to go to the Grey Cup? Well, that's going to be a tough trip to arrange, Tiger-Cats fan, and it'll cost you.

First, the flights. A quick search on — sadly, we're not actually booking for ourselves, here — shows flights will cost around $1,000 return. Many of the options are already down to the dreaded "one seat left" warning. Worse still, if you want to fly on Friday after work and be back at the office on Monday, you'll probably have to fly from Toronto. 

One of your best options? For $899 you can fly from Toronto to Regina on Friday at 6 p.m., making stops in Edmonton and Calgary (lovely.) As a plus, the Riders fans will likely still be partying when you arrive at 1:30 a.m.

Now, where to stay?

The Delta Regina? "No, unfortunately. We're completely sold out for the Grey Cup."

Sandman Hotels Suites & Spas? "We're sold out."

Best Western Seven Oaks Inn? "All booked up." When did it fill up? "Months ago."

You get the idea. Our colleagues at CBC Saskatchewan have reported on people looking everywhere for a place to stay, including some who have resorted to booking RVs for the weekend. 

"It wasn't really my idea," Scott Blundell of Northern RV rentals told them. "It was the customers' idea. They were looking for somewhere to be."

All the better to tailgate in, really, as Blundell's winterized RVs come equipped with TVs and plenty of fridge space.

Speaking of partying, where can a 'Cats fan get a beer around here?' Any Hamilton fan entering Rider Nation should expect some hostility, but surely there's a bar where they'll be welcomed. 

"Oh no, no, no no," said CBC assignment producer David Horth, our man on the ground in Regina. He said even if a group of Hamilton fans get together, "they're going to be outnumbered."

Not to worry though, Horth says, as Riders fans are mostly friendly. "They're just loud."  

Oh, and the most important part. A ticket to the game? Single tickets are still available on Ticketmaster, though they're running out, that range in price from around $200 to $400. On resale sites like they're going for $240 up to $2,500 — a price that will get you right onto the sidelines.

Then again, so can your TV. 


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