Andrea Horwath is calling on the Liberal government to support a referendum on whether to have a casino in Hamilton.

Talks between the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) and the city are happening "behind closed doors," the Hamilton Centre MPP and provincial NDP leader said in question period Monday.

Horwath suggested talks be stopped until a referendum can be held.

Timelines have been set and the OLG is "putting the squeeze" on communities to make a decision, she said.

"A transparent process, including a citywide referendum, is the best way forward, and it's the very least the people of Hamilton deserve."

Dwight Duncan, Minister of Finance, said no region will get a casino if it doesn't want one. He also said local councillors are capable of deciding for their city.

In Windsor, there was no referendum, but it did go on a municipal election ballot, he said.